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Who's changing the toilet roll?
Parenting Power Admin January 28, 2016 No Comments

Who’s changing the toilet roll?

It’s a pretty helpless feeling…reaching for the toilet paper and coming face to face with brown cardboard. How does this happen? How did someone use up the toilet paper and not replace it?

The steps that follow will really depend on you, your tolerances, your ability to yell loudly, etc. We’ll let you write that part of the newsletter in your own head.

So why are we writing about the empty toilet roll? Well, it is a fairly universal problem and, as with many problems, it can also be looked upon as an opportunity.

Parents often get the most frustrated and ‘martyr-like’ over the little things. We complain about them but don’t actually address them. So, they don’t get fixed and then they happen again.

When we don’t do anything about it or, when we begrudgingly change the roll ourselves, we are teaching our kids that they can’t take matters into their own hands.

At Parenting Power, we believe that it is a parent’s job to help kids to see that they do have “Power: the ability to effect change.” We want kids to see that they can take matters into their own hands and that they don’t have to take on the world’s largest problems. They can start by changing a toilet roll.

We heard from a few families this week who mentioned that their kids are asking, “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?” Kids really need to know that they are part of a larger community. Helping out at home feels good (even though they might rather be playing than helping at that particular time.)

Today’s question is really simple:

Who’s changing the toilet roll?

Get clear with your kids on what they can do to help, how to do it and that it needs to happen before they turn on a screen. Hold them accountable. Then, when they do it, don’t overpraise. Just notice, “I appreciated a full toilet roll today. Thanks for helping out.”


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