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Where does it all end up?
Parenting Power Admin March 17, 2016 No Comments

Where does it all end up?

Stuff…where does it all end up?

When we are done with it, most of our stuff ends up in a landfill. Yes, some of it will be passed down to other kids, or people in need. In the end though, it all ends up as junk.

Whether it is water bottles, packaging, stuffies or shoes, most of it doesn’t break down and even the recyclables use money and energy to convert them back to primary products to be reused again.

At Parenting Power, we regularly hear about family arguments around stuff.

I can’t find my…!
Why didn’t you put away your…?
You never look after your..!
Why can’t you keep your room clean?

This relates back to last week’s post of needs vs wants and getting clear on your family’s values around buying things and what really needs to come into the home. Once clear expectations are set about the limits of items in the home, and the process of clearing things out, it is easier to create a place for what one has and a routine for caring for the possessions.

On a deeper note, when our kids selves are made up of what they have, they may not be truly aware of who they are inside. As we work to foster a strong internal core in our kids, we grow deep roots which will support them as they grow taller and have to weather external storms.

Today’s questions:

What are you buying for Easter (or upcoming holidays) and why?

When will you say no?

Do your kids expect a “treat” every time they go to the store?

What are you choosing to model for your kids?

Set an intention to clarify where you fall in this world of stuff and how you will teach your children about what is truly important for their ‘happiness’. This is not about shame or guilt. It is about clarity and meaningful parenting.

Dr Jim Taylor says: Kids don’t need toys!
This article by Dr Jim Taylor reminds us, in a very down to earth parenting way, that kids will play with just about anything. Tell us what you think!

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