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When are your kids getting quiet?
Parenting Power Admin May 28, 2015 No Comments

When are your kids getting quiet?

There is a lot of noise in today’s world. It can be very distracting. We’re not just talking about loud sounds, we are talking about the hum of the schedule, the buzz of the to-do list in the brain, the ping of a text message.

There was a time, long ago, when we ran out of things to do; when there really was nothing more to do than lie on one’s bed (or the lawn) and look up at the ceiling (or the clouds) and proclaim – I’m BORED!

Those moments don’t happen quite as often anymore. There is always another video to watch or another level to conquer.

Today we’re asking:

When are your kids getting quiet?

When are you getting quiet?

In those times of boredom and quiet of days gone by, there was a time for the mind to settle, to rest. It may not have felt particularly pleasant and at the same time, it allowed for the brain to wander and take us in new directions.

Quiet can be the birthplace of wonder.

It can be an opportunity to listen to what’s really going on – things we may not want to hear. It can also be the opening to finding the answers to questions we didn’t know we were asking.

In the 11th verse of the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu writes,

Shape clay into a vessel;
it is the space within that makes it useful.
Carve fine doors and windows,
but the room is useful in its emptiness.

It is the inner space and quiet where we can truly be found – where no one needs anything from us and there is very little pressure. Our kids need to know this space; as do we.

We hear from parents all the time that kids are using computers and devices to “Get some down time.” Research shows us that there is no down time for a brain in front of a screen – that is a time of high stimulation. It feels like down time because we don’t have to worry about stimulating our brain while the videos/games are doing it for us.

Bottom line: This is about being intentional and honest with ourselves about what we want for our bodies and brains and then setting a plan to create that outcome. Once we know what is important to us, we can model that for our families. We may just have to take some time, get quiet and figure out what really matters.

This week: Decide whether you want to initiate some quiet time in your family. Once you have decided that it needs to happen, ask your family where/when it will happen. Maybe it will be outside on the porch or inside on the bed. The opportunities are endless. Enjoy the quiet!

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