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What's missing?
Parenting Power Admin September 7, 2017

What’s missing?

Something is missing…

Really, when you look at your teen and wonder what on earth is going on in his/her head, remember that something IS missing. The teenage brain is not the same brain that we adults have. The part of the brain that handles organization and impulse control is still in development.

Supposedly, that part of the brain is fully developed in our, adult brains.

This is helpful, because if and when we engage it, we can use it to stop ourselves from heading down the same path we have done so many times before.

Rather than getting mad, and blowing up at our kids when they aren’t using their time wisely we can do the following:

1. Realize that it isn’t malicious

2. Plan how to respond when it happens again. (It likely will.)

3. Take the time to teach new habits that support organization and good time use.

Teaching Organization

For the last few weeks and heading into the next couple of months, Parenting Power has been working and will continue to work with individual families, groups of friends and entire schools to teach organization and study skills.

Since we know that it doesn’t come naturally, we’ve got strategies, supply lists and other research to share with you and your student to set everyone up for fewer arguments and greater success in school. We’ve also got a few openings available so click the red button below if you have questions and we’ll see if it is a fit for you.

Respond, don’t react

Plan what you will say when, once again, go-time is in 5 minutes and your progeny is half-dressed.

What do you need to do to be ready to go?

I see you watching a movie and I know we need to leave in 5.

How can I help you to be ready in 5 minutes?

Moving forward, when you know there is a deadline (leaving for school, dinner, bedtime, etc.,) help your child to plan what needs to be done and when so that everyone can be ready. Hold the child accountable along the way. It can be helpful to keep technology out of the picture until your son/daughter shows you that he/she is ready.

This week, ask yourself these questions:

How will I respond the next time my child is watching a movie on her phone when she could be setting the table?

What are 3 situations that reoccur regularly in which my teen is distracted and unprepared? How can we plan for this to change?

Would setting an alarm on his phone cue him to get the task done?

There is always time for what needs to get done. Parenting is about teaching our children how to use this time. (Piece of cake, right?!)

If you need some help, ask us about the Organization and Study Skills Course.

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