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What did you buy this week and why?
Parenting Power Admin February 17, 2015 No Comments

What did you buy this week and why?

We know logically that money can’t buy happiness, yet at times, it feels like it can. When Valentine’s Day is coming, stores tell us that we need to buy cards, candy, and maybe other treats as well. It can be really tempting to buy all sorts of goodies.

This week’s tough question is:

What did you buy this week and why?

It’s a question that applies to this week, and every week.

Let’s say that the reason for buying things this week was – It was Valentine’s Day. That’s true. Valentine’s day is about celebrating love.

That leads us to ponder – isn’t love about spending time rather than spending money?

Maybe the tough question this week should be:

How do we show our love for our kids?

Are we teaching our kids that we show our love by buying them things? If that’s the case, what happens when we go to the store and they want us to buy them something and we won’t? Does that mean we don’t love them that day?

Happiness and stuff do not equal LOVE.

This week: Consider other ways that you can show your child love. Get your kids talking about ways to show love that don’t include buying things. Find the courage to start tracking how much you are buying for your kids each week. As Darren Hardy says in his book The Compound Effect, “The first step toward change is awareness. To help you become aware of your choices, track every action.”

Enjoy this video: What Does Love Look Like?

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