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What are you thinking?
Parenting Power Admin July 27, 2017 No Comments

What are you thinking?

At Parenting Power, we know how much our thoughts affect our feelings. When we are struggling with something frustrating, we will often ask each other, “How can we flip it?” We encourage parents to do this too: This child is so stubborn can be flipped to This child really believes in herself. It doesn’t change the behaviour, and it decreases the hopelessness of the situation.

This week, consider your thoughts and related feelings. Enjoy the information below and let us know on our Facebook page how you flipped your thoughts and changed your situation!


Don’t believe everything you think
By Dr Laura Markham

You may think your moods just come out of nowhere. But scientists now believe that moods are often a response to what we think, usually without even noticing.

A thought flits through our mind (“My child should be more like that other child”) and in response, we feel a little anxious or sad. Those feelings make us more likely to think another negative thought (“Is there something wrong with him?…It must be my fault…If only I were a better parent…”) Before we know it, we’re plunged into a bad mood, running on our own anxiety.

Without even realizing it, our little fears set up negative interactions that snowball throughout our day, undermining our sense of well-being. Read more…