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We challenge you to reduce
Parenting Power Admin April 27, 2017 No Comments

We challenge you to reduce

As we come to the end of Earth month, we can focus our awareness on our final #RealResponsibility – Reducing.

This cycle has the power to decrease the waste in our world. We begin by reducing the items coming into the home. We reuse what we have, or pass it on to be used by someone else. We can recycle some of what remains, leaving a reduced amount entering the landfills. Last week, one of our readers sent us a video about the lengths one can go to decrease what ends up in the landfill. We’ve included it below for education and inspiration!

As you know, this month we had a chance to try out some recycled products in our effort to reduce the waste we were creating and the resources used to create some of these household items. It was interesting to watch the reactions of family members toward each specific product. Ultimately, we decided that, their availability makes them easy to use, and family preference will help us to choose which ones we will incorporate into our lives.

Using recycled products is one way to reduce waste generation. A second is to reduce the amount of items actually making their way into the home. While there are obviously items that do need to be purchased each week for the family, we know that many families are buying things partly for the sake of buying things.

Many parents tell us that they buy things to appease their kids or to make them happy. This may seem true in the moment, yet we know that it is creating waste and doesn’t lead to greater, long-term happiness.

This week, we have a challenge for you:

As we move toward the month of May, we encourage you to see how long you can go without buying stuff (other than the necessities). Take it on individually, or get your whole family involved. How many days do you think you can last? Will it be harder during the week or on the weekend?

This week, ask yourself these questions:

How can I reduce the amount of items coming into our home?
What is/are the main reason(s) that I buy things I might not really need?
Am I buying things to appease someone in our family?

Check out the video below from Trashisfortossers.com – this woman has four years worth of trash in one mason jar! It really made us think.

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