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We are making parenting easier to understand
Parenting Power Admin January 7, 2016 No Comments

We are making parenting easier to understand

Happy New Year Parents!

Have the first few days of the year brought moments of peace and joy? We hope so.

Life is an assortment of uplifting and frustrating times and while we are only a week into it, this year seems to be no exception. That being said, it feels great to us to be starting a new year with the ability to appreciate the joys and the lessons that are coming, and to be doing it together.

Our theme for 2016 is CLARITY.

The quality of being clear and transparent; easy to see and hear
Having sharpness and coherence
Clearness as to perception or understanding
Freedom from ambiguity
Easy to understand

As you know, the two of us work hard to incorporate our theme into our own lives, our parenting and our company. As we enter our 14th year of Parenting Power, we are getting ever clearer on the goals of our business and the way in which we achieve these goals.

Recently, we clarified our mission statement:

We create Parenting Power: Parents who believe they have real life parenting tools to raise the healthy, capable, interdependent people the world needs.

We continue to clearly and coherently plan how to share our parenting message with as many people as possible throughout North America. We know that 2016 will be an important year in that process.

How will you begin to have clarity in 2016? We look forward to sharing our ideas with you and making parenting easier to understand. Let’s find clarity together!

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