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TooMuchStuff in Your Calendar?
Parenting Power Admin May 18, 2017

TooMuchStuff in Your Calendar?

Today, our focus is #TooMuchStuff in the Calendar.

We often hear from parents that there isn’t enough time to get ‘it’ all done, or that things are so busy, that life feels overwhelming. Research tells us that adults are spending an average of 9 hours per day on screens. Of course, some of this screen time is work-related. Likely, a fair-sized portion of it is not.

As parents, we always have the choice to get clear about our family’s schedules and how we manage them. When we know how we want to be spending our time, and what is really important, it enables us to make clear choices and to block off time for what is really important. It also shows our kids that each of us has the ability to be responsible for our time rather than be a victim to society.

Make time to discuss and use a family calendar consistently with your family. Using this visual method of tracking time and seeing how much free-time there really is, provides kids and adults with a concrete way of learning how to manage daily responsibilities.

Many families with young children seem to spend a great deal of time out of the home on weekends and holidays. While outings can be fun, everyone can benefit from the solitude, comfort, familiarity and frankly, boredom that comes from being at home as a family. Going out to entertain kids, often means spending more money on stuff that then comes home and adds to the #TooMuchStuff that’s already there.

This week, ask yourself these questions:

How do I want our family to be spending time?

Do we want to sign up for all the same activities next year?

Is there downtime scheduled into each day (young children) or each week (older children?)

When can we be at home together as a family?

Can I find more time in my week by becoming intentional with my screen time?

Are we reviewing the calendar weekly as a family?

If you are curious about what strategies you can share with your kids, we are always here to answer your questions and give you real life parenting tools.

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