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Too much stuff
Parenting Power Admin May 4, 2017

Too much stuff

Welcome to May!

As we move on from our month of reducing, reusing and recycling, we are moving to a month devoted to clearing out the clutter; #TooMuchStuff.

Our belief at Parenting Power is simple: You build a child from the inside – out; from the ground – up. You devote time to cultivating strong roots and a firm core. You allow leaves and shoots to develop once the foundation has been set.

Society seems to be sending another message: Who you are starts on the outside. It is what you wear and what you have.

When the focus is so external, it can be a distraction from what we believe is truly important: values, beliefs and actions that show our connection to family and community. This month is about shedding clarity on what is important in your family, and not letting stuff get in the way.

We hear from many families about the overwhelm of keeping kids’ rooms clean and the difficulties of keeping track of books, toys and other items. To that end, this is a great month to start to clear out and pass on items that are filling our closets and shelves.

Kids have grown over the year and some are asking for new clothes to wear for the season. This is an opportunity to spend time with our kids, going through what they have that still works and determining what they really do need.

When you are done, check out this article Why People Keep Doing The One Thing They Shouldn’t With Old Clothes.

This week, ask yourself these questions:

What will we do with the clothing that we don’t need anymore?

How can we cut back on the clutter in our home?

Do we focus on the internal or external development in our family?

To cut down on the stuff, we recommend using the 24 Hour Rule this month. Rather than buying new things in the moment, we’re going to wait 24 hours to determine whether we really need them. We’ll see if it helps to cut down on #TooMuchStuff.


Too Many Books?

Our friends at CBC Radio and Calgary Reads are having their annual Book Sale. You can donate your books until May 7. For more information, click here.

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