Teaching Kids About Sex


Human Sexuality Books

Helping you share valuable information with your children

For younger children

Boys, Girls and Body Science  by Meg Hickling – this book is the great to use with younger children who want to know how babies are made.

How was I born?  By Lennart Nilsson- this book shows in vitro photos of a fetus developing and tells the story from the perspective of a brother and sister waiting for their new sibling. There are two levels of text; one with more feelings and one with facts and feelings.

 My Body Belongs to Me By Jill Starishevsky – this book is for preschool-age children to teach kids that their body is their own.

The Usborne Flip-Flap Body Book By Smith and Tatchell – a very child-friendly book about what happens to your food, the senses and the way a baby grows in its mother. It has a lot of great cartoon-like illustrations with flaps.

The Very Touching Book by Jan Hindman – this book talks about “good”, “bad” and “secret touching” without giving a negative connotation to sexuality, genitalia or the child.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow! (for boys or girls) by Lynda Madaras – for ages 8 and up, this book has lots of funny cartoons to help younger boys with everything they need to know about changes happening to their body.


Read first on your own and then use with your kids

The “What’s Happening To My Body?” Book For Girls/Boys by Linda Madaras and Area Madaras. This is a great one to read on your own first and then to pick out sections to read with your child as they need it. It has many detailed drawings of the body and the stages that the children go through.

Girlology – A Girl’s Guide To Stuff that Matters – friendships, relationships, body talk and girl power by Melisa Homes, MD and Trish Hutchison, MD – An interesting balance between what your friends are telling you and your parents are telling you and how to determine what’s right for you and be assertive about it.

 Start Talking A Girl’s Guide for you and your Mom about Health, Sex or Whatever by Mary Jo Rapini and Janine Sherman – This book is a bit long-winded but outlines valuable ways to discuss STD’s, Birth Control, Body image issues and other girl things.

Usborne: What’s Happening to Me? Boys book by Alex Frith and Grils book by Susan Meredith – Two books for children approaching puberty. Language and illustrations make the changes seem normal and easy to understand.

 Usborne: Understanding the Facts of Life By Susan Meredith and Robyn Gee – this book goes into a lot more detail than the other Usborne books. It is a great reference book and covers health, drugs, exercise, smoking and drinking as well as puberty, sex, contraception and STDs.


For parents

 Everything you NEVER wanted your kids to know about SEX but were afraid they’d ask Richardson, Schuster – This is a long and humorous book for parents.

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