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Take stock using these 3 questions
Parenting Power Admin September 24, 2015 No Comments

Take stock using these 3 questions

Can you feel it?

The September buzz is winding down. Life is approaching routine.

This time of year is ideal for taking stock with your family. That may sound overwhelming but it is really as easy as coming together and asking three questions:

1. What’s working?
2. What’s not?
3. How do we make it better?

This is NOT:

1. Here’s what’s not working
2. Here’s what you are doing wrong
3. Here’s what you need to do better

“The Ambush” is not an effective parenting tool. If we want kids to actually listen and participate, they need to be treated as part of the team, and we need to be prepared to hear how we, as parents can improve.

Consider key areas for your kids right now:
Lastly, remember to keep looking forward:

Instead of using “Why…”
Why didn’t you get your homework done?
Why are there still dishes in the sink?
Why aren’t you in bed?

use “How…”
How will this homework get done?
How can we help you to remember to put the dishes away?
How will you get to bed by 9pm?

Happy September!


Need some help?

Five years ago, we were asked to create a presentation for parents of Middle School and Junior High parents and their children. They were tired of fighting about
– lost homework,
– disorganization and
– study skills.

We have presented it to many families and schools since then. The ongoing success of that system has lead us to create a way for you to have it in your home, by creating our Organization and Study Skills Webinar. We know and value the difference that this system can make. (Our older kids use it and our clients love it!) Less fighting, more free time and kids feeling capable – these are the results that we believe in!

Since you are taking stock and organization/homework might be an area where you need some help, we’ve discounted the webinar for you.

It’s on sale until September 30 for only $20!

The rest of our downloadable podcasts are $10 each. You can find them here. Of course, if you are a member, you have access all of them on the member website. We’d love to hear which one is your favourite.


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