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Speaking Topics

Parenting Q and A Session

You bring the questions and we bring the answers. Whether it is parents of the same-aged children or those with a variety of ages, we’ll tailor the time to providing the solutions you need.

Parenting With A Plan™

Parenting Power’s most popular parenting series is spread over 5 sessions and covers a broad range of issues from parenting styles, to learning how to set limits and express feelings appropriately, to developing independence and responsibility in children. This signature packaged course can be done as a group or individually. This 5 week format includes the Parenting with a Plan™ Handbook
• Open your eyes to what’s happening in your family right now
• Clearly state your needs and teach your children how to change.
• Support your child’s feelings and express yours
• Encourage your child’s autonomy and foster self-esteem.

The 5 R’s of Self Esteem

Five critical steps to a child’s independence that many parents never learn – We spend a great deal of time protecting our children and doing things for them, never allowing them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. This session presents 5 key ways to change those habits.

Self Esteem for your Child – A 5 Week Book Club Series

Based on the book by Polly Young-Eisendrath, this series includes:
• A copy of The Self-Esteem Trap
• A Parenting Power extended and bound workbook with room for personal notes and self-discovery
• 5 90-minute meetings to work purposely through the contents of the book
• Answers to your own questions about parenting arising from the awareness generated by the book

Self Reliance for your Child – a 5 week Book Club Series

Based on the book by H. Stephen Glenn and Jane Nelsen, this series includes:
• A copy of Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World
• Weekly handouts
• 5 90-minute meetings to work purposely through the contents of the book
• Answers to your own questions about parenting arising from the awareness generated by the book

Communicating with Clarity

Realize what you are teaching your children with the words you are using now. Parents will learn how to model respectful ways to communicate with the whole family.

Sibling Rivalry – Staying Calm when they’re NOT!

The fighting and hurting between siblings can seem never-ending and devastating. Learn valuable Parenting PowerTools to understand and deal with this behaviour.

Family Power Hour

Increase your child’s autonomy and decrease the exhaustion of never-ending arguments. We teach you the Family Power Hour, a way to get the children and the parents of a family working together with solutions to all sorts of family problems. You’ll learn the structure and the language to make life more simple in your home.

Getting out the Door Alive!™

It is possible to get out the door, get the kids where they need to go and still have some energy left for your day. We tell you how and you can make it work for mealtimes and evenings too.

YIKES! How do I answer that?

Learn how to stall when a question is just too hard to answer. We’ll also prepare you to introduce your child to the facts of life, along with strategies for open discussions as they mature.

Technology Today – Parents be AWARE!

Sex, drugs and identity. Learn about these aspects of the internet and how to safely navigate your child through this overwhelming amount of information.

Surviving Emotional Explosions

Support your children through difficult times in life. This course helps parents navigate the mine fields of their children’s emotions and express feelings without laying blame and guilt.

Keeping Your Cool When Things Get HOT!

Parenting situations can heat up at the drop of a hat. Have you ever wondered how to manage your own frustrations, feelings and anger before you join the temper tantrum? This course will set you up for success so that you can remain calm and productive in the moment and get things back on track.

Setting them up for Success

Ten steps to meet all of our preschool/kindergarten-aged children’s needs to get them heading in the right direction. Everything from love, nutrition and safety to self-management and respect.

Launching Literacy Leaders

In today’s world, academic success, employment and personal autonomy depend upon reading and writing proficiency. Learn simple, yet important strategies to use to develop your children’s reading and writing skills.

Making Math Masters

Children learn best through playful activities that increase their conceptual understanding. Learn numerous activities and games that will provide your child with a strong basis of mathematical knowledge and intuition that will serve them well into the future.

Sleep – There’s More than One Solution

Sleep deprivation impacts every part of your day at work and home, and can be even more overwhelming when it seems like nothing you try is working. This course helps parents find a solution that will work for their child, and puts everyones sleeping habits back on track.

Let’s Talk Toddlers and Tantrums

Full of energy and excitement, our toddlers experience emotions with their whole bodies. Bring your questions and learn how to support your toddlers through their ups and downs. We’ll talk tantrums, toileting and even time-outs. Gain practical approaches to help keep you calm and your child learning.

Potty Power

Just like with any other milestone, toilet-training is all about knowing what’s right for you and them making a plan. We’ll let you know signs of readiness for your child and you as well as strategies to use along the way.

The Picky Eater

If you are plagued by mealtime struggles and are wondering how 5-10 veggies a day is even possible, this class is for you. We’ll talk mealtimes and discipline.

Separation Anxiety

Discover the best way to calm the nerves of everyone in your home. You’ll learn how to support your child’s emotions and how to set things up for the best possible start to the school year.

Let’s Talk Preschoolers

Do you ever feel like you are talking to yourself? Why don’t they listen? Bring your questions and learn how to encourage your child’s independence while teaching them to listen the first time. Help everyone in your family to feel Confident, Capable and Calm.

When Maternity Leave Comes to an End

Tackle the OVERWHELM and get set to head back to work. We’ll talk tools for everything from guilt to sleep to routines and help you create a plan that feels right for you.

Positive Time Outs

If Time Outs aren’t working for your family, it is time to make a change. There are so many other options including Positive Time Outs. We help you to stop pulling out your hair and start taking time to teach your kids new ways to behave.

When a New Baby Comes Home

While it is impossible to prepare you for this life-changing event, we can let you in on a host of helpful tips and tools. This is especially true when it is baby number two.

Handling Homework

Do you find yourself doing your child’s homework? In all likelihood, you already graduated from school. Learn the roles and responsibilities of you, the teacher and your child along with routines to make the process of homework less work for your family.


Watching our children make their way through friendship struggles can be taxing. Learn your role in this process along with what your kids should know about how to deal with these difficult relationship lessons.

Keeping Your Cool at School – for children and parents together

Kids are bombarded daily with a variety of social interactions – some good, some not so fun– that’s Real Life! Spending time with other kids provides opportunities to learn how to invite others to join your group, and how to handle it when you are left out, called names or pushed around.
We’ve all felt the need to fit in on the play ground and what it feels like to be left out; the heartbreak of not being chosen or the rage at being made to feel like a fool. Whatever the situation, the reactions that follow don’t always leave kids in a great place.
We know bad stuff happens to every child from time to time. That’s why in this 60 minute, kid-friendly session, we give kids the real life tools they need to respond rather than to react. They’ll learn how to handle awkward interactions effectively, feeling confident, capable and calm

Two Ways to Feel Great About School – for parents and children together-

We are pleased to offer you two sessions that will enable you to help your children find their way through the maze of disorganization, studying and test-taking which lies before them. It is pretty normal for kids to need some help with organization as they move into Division 2 and beyond.
Scholarly organization is something that needs to be taught and these two parent-student sessions will get you on the right track. Imagine how good it will feel to stop nagging about homework and to see your kids feeling capable of showing how much they actually have learned when test-taking time comes around.
Session 1.Setting Yourself Up to Succeed
Organization (from chaos to clarity) and Note-Taking
Session 2.Doing Your Best for the Test
Summarizing notes, Studying and Test-taking strategies

The Talk

Learn what we need to tell our teens and tweens and the language to use. Best of all we’ll teach you how to prepare for this series of conversations to educate your tweens and teens in healthy, safety and sexuality.

Teens and Attitude Why Does It Happen and What Can I Do?

In 90 minutes you’ll learn realistic expectations for your teen’s behaviour, developmental reasons for the behaviour and strategies (for the parent and the teen) to survive adolescence.

Supporting Our Teens through their challenges

Identify the challenges facing your teens today and learn 8 ways to support them through these tough times.


What’s normal and how do I help my kid? – We all experience levels of anxiety. Learn tools to support and guide your child in recognizing and dealing with their anxiety.

Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

It can be confusing to know whether your little one is ready for Kindergarten. Children mature at different rates and we can support their learning along the way. Learn the social, emotional, cognitive and academic milestones that are relevant for kindergarten along with strategies to support your child’s success.

Teach your kids to share

3 ways to teach them sharing and 2 ways to respond when it isn’t happening.

Why don’t my kids listen?

3 tools to get them listening to you the first time!

Do Over-Achieving Parents Create Under-Achieving Kids?

We may be parenting so “well” that our kids don’t have to take responsibility for anything. While that may seem ideal, it really means that, by getting between our kids and their problems, we have become their biggest problem. Learn how to move forward with success.

Finding the Parenting Balance?

Take a hard look at what you are doing and what you want to be doing. We’ll help you make the move.

Children in the Workplace

For companies considering permitting employees to bring their children to work for childcare – we help you to work through the difficulties and to be sure that you have considered all the angles.


Five Critical Steps to a Child’s Independence that Many Parents Never Learn
This enlightening look at the risks of over protection and inflating our children’s egos will leave parents and teachers rethinking our language and creating a new plan to move forward.

Confident, Capable, Calm – A Course for the Working Mom

There is a lot to handle when you work and parent. In this session, we guide you through different challenges and how to clarify the expectations you have of yourself and your family members so that everyone feels confident, capable and calm.

Listening For Feelings and Giving Choices – for NURSES

Nurses deal with children who are very emotional and scared. This PD course for nurses teaches steps and language to use to help the children feel safer, more trusting and more in control of the situation.

Power of Values

Values impact every step of your parenting. We help you outline the key values for your family and then focus on how to teach these values through clear limits and the language of encouragement.

Setting the Tone – PD session for teachers and caregivers

Set the tone for success in your classroom, center or school. We highlight developmental reasons for misbehaviour, setting clear limits and consequences, handling explosive emotions along with scripts to use when things get tough and when things are going well.

Reclaiming the Holidays

Create hassle-free holidays. We show you how to bring the true meaning of the holidays to your family and take back the time of love, peace and celebration.