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Show your child that you believe
Parenting Power Admin August 29, 2016 No Comments

Show your child that you believe

We recently heard from an on organization called Because They Can. They are working to close the Belief Gap.

This is the gap between what adults believe is possible
and what kids are actually capable of achieving.
When adults don’t believe in them, kids stop believing in themselves.

As one of the key adults in your child’s life, you have the power to close this gap with regards to education and life skills. When you see your child as capable of growth, responsibility and interdepedence, your belief is contagious.

It is more about just seeing and believing though. It is also about action. You’ve often heard Parenting Power say ACT don’t YAK. All the talk in the world about how your child is capable of loading the dishwasher, getting homework done, or doing up a zipper is useless if your actions don’t allow the child to show you how capable he or she really is.

When you clear the plates from the table, finish off the math problem or zip up that jacket, your actions speak volumes. They scream, “YOU CAN’T DO THIS! YOU NEED ME TO DO IT FOR YOU! WITHOUT ADULTS, YOU ARE HOPELESS!”

So many parents believe in their kids and think that saying they believe is enough. It is not enough. Kids learn about 75% of what they learn by watching our actions. If you believe in your kids, you need to show it.

Today, you have a chance to get really clear on what your children can be doing for themselves. Can your 2 year old get her own shoes? Can your 3 year old dress himself and just ask for help with socks? Can your child persevere when things get tough?

We’re not suggesting that you abandon your children when they need you. In fact, we’re asking you to step up for your children. Spend a few minutes in discussion with your co-parent or someone close to you. Work at seeing the children for who they are today…one year older than they were when they headed back to school last year.

What can your child do independently now?

What can your child do interdependently now?

What is your child ready to learn this fall?

Once you know this, you can make a plan:

How will my actions match my words about my child’s abilities?

How can I show my child that I believe in her?

What is one new task that I will teach my child and hand over to him for this school year?

Let’s work to close the belief gap in our families and in our communities.

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