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Our downloadable .mp3 recordings are for every parent – whether you have a toddler at home or a teen. Separate tracks are included for different ages and stages, usually toddler, preschooler, school-age and tween/teen.

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Anger and Aggression – What to do when your child is angry or aggressive

Anxiety and Courage – Is fear holding your child back? Learn about anxiety and teach your child to find courage.

Awkward Conversations – Learn the where, when and how to have a less awkward-awkward conversation.

Bullying – How do you deal with bullying?

Crabby Mornings – Do you feel like you got stuck with a grumpy kid? Is your life filled with crabby mornings, or afternoons? You have the power to change it.

Differing Beliefs – What to do when 2 parents feel differently about parenting, along with what to do when someone close to you shares a different belief to you, along with language to use when parenting through that.

Don’t Be Too Nice to Your Kids – There’s nothing wrong with being nice to your kids, but you end up “killing” them with kindness.

Encouraging Kids – On a daily basis, we have the opportunity to use our language to give our kids hope. This recording shares tools to help you encourage your children.

Excuses – Are you tired of your kids using excuses? There’s a good chance they learned them from you. Learn how to identify excuses in your life, why they are there and what to do about them.

Family Habits – Are you stuck in the same argument day after day?

Family Meetings – Communication and connection with our kids is what it’s all about. Learn how to get your meetings started, what to discuss and how to do it.

Family is Team #1 – If you are feeling like your kids do great out in the real world, but don’t treat your family well, this is the recording for you!

Friendship – Friendship struggles with kids from toddlers to teenagers

Forgiveness and Tact – Teach your child about the gift of forgiveness.

Getting Quiet with the Kids – Summer is the perfect time to create some downtime in our lives. Learn strategies to bring quiet into your life and get the kids involved as well.

Getting Rid of Busy – Set boundaries for yourself and others around you to help you control the busyness in your life.

Getting Rid of Guilt – Guilt gets in the way of parenting. Let’s get rid of it with these helpful tips!

Getting Rid of the Struggle – Focus on 3 common plans parents use with their kids – Trying harder, cleaning up, and practicing.

Increasing Independence – We highlight different ways to teach a child to take on new tasks with a track for toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged kids and teens.

Kids and Cars – Tools for parenting with kids and cars are necessary and now they are yours!

Kids Who Talk a Lot! – Do you have a child who talks and talks?

Labelling Kids – Problems with labelling our kids in addition to some of the benefits as well.

Lazy – It can feel so frustrating to watch our kids doing nothing when there is work to be done! But lazy isn’t an unchangeable trait, it’s a learned (and often rewarded) behaviour. We can change it.

Limits and Consequences – Discover consequences that work for toddlers to teens

Is My Child Normal – How do you know if your child is normal?

Making Amends – Teaching your child to make amends.

Making the Connection – How are you connecting with your child on a daily basis?

Mealtimes – Connecting with family at mealtimes.

Mom, I’m Bored! – Strategies to help kids handle boredom and teaching independent play.

– tips for preparing kids for change, along with how we, as adults and parents can handle it when things go in a completely different direction than we were expecting.

Other People’s Kids – How do you deal with other people’s kids?

Pets – Does your child need a pet?

Power Struggles – Not everything needs to be a struggle with your child. Strategies to manage power struggles with your child.

Punishment vs Consequence – What the difference between a punishment and a consequence and how to use them effectively.

Reading with your child – Whether your child is just starting on the reading path or you are struggling to get your reader to read more often, these foundations and strategies will guide you.

Realistic Expectations – We often have unrealistic expectations of our kids and very unrealistic expectations for ourselves as parents. This can lead to shame and disappointment for everyone.

Resilience – Teach kids resilience

Respect – Feeling disrespected? We’ll help you change that.

Roles and Labels – What is the difference and how to avoid getting caught up in them.

Rudeness and Defiance – We highlight how to respond with respect to toddlers all the way up to teens when they are rude and defiant

Sex – What/When Does My Child Need to Know – Learn the ages and stages of sexual development and education

Sibling Rivalry Strategies – Learn to help with squabbling siblings.

Shame – How to talk to your child about shame.

Sharing Bad News – The time will come when we have to share bad news with our kids – the loss of a job, someone getting sick. Here are the tools for you to use.

Simplifying Back to School – Back to school tips

Sleep Strategies for Every Age – Sleep doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Stop Yelling at Your Kids – Effective strategies to communicate with your child without yelling.

Summer Vacation – strategies to make life easier around the house this summer, along with tips to make traveling with kids much easier.

Talking about Death – Help your children adjust to the complicated realities of death

Teaching Kids about Money – Learn the 3 Ps of Allowance and how to teach preschoolers to teens about money.

Teaching Values – When we clarify our values, it makes parenting decisions easier and it shows us the way to teach them to our children.

Tricky Talks with Teachers – Make the best of any parent-teacher meeting.

Trust – Build trust and learn what to do when your child breaks that trust.

What Do I Do When? – The answers to 6 of our most frequently asked questions, including: What do I do when my partner and I disagree and What do I do when I know I’m going to scream at my child?

When Kids don’t Listen – Teach your child to listen the first time.

Whining and Complaining – When will it end? As soon as you listen to this recording.

Winning and Losing – Teach your child the difference and how to be a gracious winner and loser.

Witching Hour Tools – Strategies to help you get through the most dreaded time of day.

Why do Kids Misbehave – Learn the reasons behind your child’s misbehaviour and how to teach new behaviours

Why Won’t Kids Listen – When kids don’t listen it can feel so disrespectful! What is wrong with them and what are we doing wrong?