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Plans for #NoPhoneFamilyDay
Parenting Power Admin February 16, 2017

Plans for #NoPhoneFamilyDay

It has been exciting to watch the spread of #NoPhoneFamilyDay over the last month! The two of us have been regularly stopped by friends and viewers only to have them confirm,

“Our family is on board for Family Day!”

As so many of you know, our goal is to seize the opportunity to use one holiday to do something different, and to increase the awareness of how families are using phones on a daily basis.

As always, it is important to set ourselves up for success and that requires some planning (with your children) in two areas.

1. Clarify intentions around phone use that day.

What is realistic for your family?

Do you know that you will need to check your calendar that morning? Will your kids need to continue their ‘streaks?’ This is about deciding what is possible and then making a plan for that to happen. If everyone needs to do a phone check first thing in the morning, agree on a specific time when phones will go away.

Where will you put your phones away?

Will you leave them on the docking station? Put them in a basket? Lock them in a safe? Will you turn off your notifications? Do what makes sense for your family so that the phones aren’t interrupting your day. Putting a phone ‘away’ in your pocket is unlikely to set you up for success. It’s like leaving a chocolate bar on the counter and hoping not to eat it.
How will you respond if someone wants to use phones that day?
Make sure that everyone is clear about phone use and consequences that day. How do the rules apply to the children and the adults in your family?

2. Plan how to connect on Family Day

How will you spend time together?

There is likely time for many group activities on February 20. You could cook something wonderful, do something physical, get out in nature and/or play a great board game.

Our partner in this campaign, The YMCA Calgary has free access in all locations and many programs running on Family Day as well. Here are some other Calgary activities happening this Family Day Weekend.

How will you build in some down time?
This might be the trickiest part of your day. There is no question that people need a break from one another. For many families, down time = screen time. Take the opportunity to create a list of things that individuals can do in the quieter parts of the day: coloring, sleeping, reading, listening to music, taking a walk, breathing, creating… the possibilities are endless and there is a greater likelihood of success if you plan it out before you get there.

Enjoy your #NoPhoneFamilyDay

We feel lucky to have a day to extend the weekend and to try this experiment. Will it be perfect? Not likely. We are all human. So set the intention to connect and to gain awareness and enjoy your Real Life Family Day. We’d love to hear how it goes (just please, don’t try to find us on Family Day, we won’t be with our phones.)

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