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Plagiarism and Late Assignments... are they wrong?
Parenting Power Admin September 28, 2011 No Comments

Plagiarism and Late Assignments… are they wrong?

Having read and re read the article Teachable Moment or the Wrong Message by Sarah Boesveld, National Post • Sept. 28, 2011, we were moved to share our position. There is no question of the value of teachable moments when educating and raising children. The real question is – When do we make use of the teachable moment?


Do we share clear expectations and consequences allowing the children to truly learn when a consequence occurs OR do we give up on them meeting any expectations and hope that if they don’t do what we like, we’ll take the opportunity to teach them after the fact? What if the misbehaviour in question had been that students were increasingly riding their bikes off of cliffs and breaking bones? As a community, we could decide to teach our children the safe locations in which to ride, communicate the expectations clearly and consequences for not meeting expectations OR we could let them crash land at the bottom and if they were to break their necks, they could then learn from this teachable moment. Because they are students, it is our responsibility to teach them how to set safe limits for themselves, and how to make responsible choices; much of which can be done by creating clarity ahead of time, not waiting to decide the consequences once the deed has been done. When we set kids up for success by clearly communicating our expectations and the consequences that follow, we show them that we believe they are capable of choosing their actions and of learning from the consequences. With no clear directions up front and when leaving it fully up to the teacher to decide on the appropriate response, we are putting one more burden on teachers and showing one less vote of confidence for these students. What is next?

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