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Pick only one
Parenting Power Admin August 29, 2016 No Comments

Pick only one

For many children, school is just around the corner. Summer has been an opportunity for rest and adventure and now the plans are moving forward. There are only a few days remaining.

Within these last few days, there are likely many things you would like to see accomplished. At Parenting Power, we are all for realism. A long list that gets left mostly undone can feel frustrating. A shorter list that can be achieved feels motivating. Baby steps friends, baby steps.

To that end, our suggestion to you today is to think back through the last school year. Think of all those pesky little things that were as small as a mosquito and just as annoying. Those things that you nagged (reminded) your children about over and over and over again. The things you wish would change but didn’t. (Instrument practice schedule, dirty lunchbox containers, missing headphones and textbooks). Small things can really become annoying. Big frustrations are made up of tiny, daily itches.

Once you consider the list of those pesky things, pick one.

Pick just one thing and start to make a plan so that the one thing changes. Meet with the child in question and work together to build the plan.

What is the one thing that is going to change?

How do you want it to be different?

What steps need to be put in place for this to happen?

Now it is time to get very, very clear about the details of this change.

When will it happen? What day? What time?

Who will do what?

How will you know it is working?

“What gets measured, gets managed.” Figure out how you will monitor this change. What is your role? What is your child’s role? Mark a date on the calendar to check in and see if it is working once school is back in session.

For many families, sleep is the one thing. It is a critical step for children and adults alike. With only a few days remaining, you have a chance to get sleep back on track before the kids head to school.

We have a friend who sets an alarm at night…that is she sets her alarm clock to remind her to go to bed early enough that she is getting the 8 hours she needs. She pulls herself away from her screens and heads to bed. She also has her kids making sure that they are getting the 11 hours they need.

Enjoy the rest of August. Pick just one thing and get started while you still have ample time to make the change. Let us know how it goes!

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