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Parenting Naked

We’re all parenting naked. No matter how much we dress things up with fancy clothes, neighbourhoods, toys, schools and sports teams, when it comes right down to it, there is nothing that stands between us and the choices we make as parents.

Each of us has experienced supreme lows as a parent: fear, disappointment, shame and self-loathing.
We’ve wanted to do better but been swept away by anger, fear or revenge.
We’ve wanted to do better and didn’t know how.

Julie Freedman Smith & Gail Bell, Founders of Parenting Power and Authors of “A YEAR in Intentional Parenting”, well renowned speakers are praised by individual parents, schools and corporations alike for their humorous and educational keynote speeches, workshops and coaching sessions. Julie and Gail’s informal and relaxed presentations recharge and recommit participants, leaving them empowered with practice real life tools and the energy to face the daily challenges of parenting.

We teach you:

TO HELP YOUR KIDS GROW STRONG ROOTS. Get clear on what’s getting in the way of this essential step.

TO BUILD YOUR PLAN TO PARENT BETTER. Discover 3 principles to feel confident about your parenting.

TOOLS AND SCRIPTS TO USE NOW. Learn language and strategies to put this plan into action right now!

Who should hear Parenting Power speak?
– Your staff. Did you know businesses lose from 1-4 weeks of work per year for each employee responsible for children under the age of 6. The resulting cost of lost productivity ranges as high as 12 billion per year. Pediatrician Magazine
– Corporate leaders
– Professionals
– Educators
– Caregivers
– Coaches
– People who work from home
– Parents who wonder what they are doing wrong
– Parents who don’t like how they are parenting
– Parents who want to stay calm in the moment
– People who want to laugh, learn and leave with the tools to use.

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What People are Saying:

“Gail did an amazing job. We got so much positive feedback.” Marion, Calgary presentation organizer

“We are so happy with how the event went last night and we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about your presentation. Everyone found you extremely engaging as speakers and your content extremely helpful. We feel our guests had a great time and walked away with some real parenting strategies that will help them in their daily lives which was the point of the event! Thanks again for being part of this event!!” Kim & Kris, event organizers

“The presentation was so great and timely today and encouraged us all! Thank-you for your generosity with your time today. The work you both do it SOOO important and we thank-you for your dedication!! Kindest Regards, Margaret, event organizer