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Parenting just shouldn't be so complicated!
Parenting Power Admin June 3, 2013 No Comments

Parenting just shouldn’t be so complicated!

Mom overwhelmed while kids fight.“So why does this self-esteem stuff even matter?”

“Don’t I have enough to do already?”

It seems like the daily priorities use up a ton of time and energy. Getting kids where they need to be, food in bellies, clean clothes (most of the time) and some time to ourselves can feel overwhelming. How do we find the time to think “self esteem” or even “limits and consequences?”

One of the reasons to take the time (or make the time) to consider these things is actually to simplify life and our obligations. It might make parenting a lot less complicated.

What is it that is bringing us down?

Doing so much for our kids
Arguing with our kids or negotiating with them to do things that scare them
Having the same arguments day after day
Hoping that things will get better…and they don’t

When we take the time to work on the 5 Rs of self esteem, we put in time up front which ends up decreasing our load because:

Kids take on more Responsibility
Kids take on the requirements of Real Life
Kids Respond with Respect
Kids develop courage and Resilience
Kids contribute to their family and community because we teach them about Relationships

This is why self esteem matters – for the outcome: kids who are kind, caring, compassionate, independent, confident; AND for the simplicity it will bring to our everyday lives, just enough to give us the time to enjoy the life and the kids we have.

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