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Parenting is....reading to your kids
Parenting Power Admin October 15, 2015 No Comments

Parenting is….reading to your kids

Does your family read together?

Many of our coaching clients know that they “should” be reading with their kids, but they tell us that they don’t like it much. They feel like it is one big fight to get home reading done each night and they are so tired at bedtime that it just doesn’t work out.

Here are some simple tools that seem to have made a difference.

1. Get your child reading to you when the brain is fresh. Please don’t save reading homework for bedtime. At the end of the day, kids’ brains are getting ready for sleeping, NOT for learning. We are not setting kids up for success when we ask them to be extending their reading skills as their brains are shutting down for the night.

2. Have your child read to you while you are making dinner or doing the laundry. When you are listening to the story, you’ll be able to hear whether the story makes sense or whether a word is out of context. Then, you can ask for clarification and the child can work out the word that didn’t work. Have the child look at the pictures and figure out what word would make sense in the story where the mistake occurred. It is much less intimidating to read when an adult is not breathing down your neck.

3. At bedtime, your children’s brains are ready to hear a lovely story. When you read to them at a level higher than they can read to themselves, you are introducing new vocabulary and modelling the flow of the story and the fluency of the language. It ends the day on a positive note and leaves your kids remembering the flow of the story and the feeling of spending time ensconced in imagination with their parent. What a gift!

Make the time to read to your kids!

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