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Parenting is: Living the life you want for your kids
Parenting Power Admin November 5, 2015 No Comments

Parenting is: Living the life you want for your kids

It is becoming clearer and clearer that, as much as parenting is about raising happy, interdependent, responsible kids, it is about being that same adult; truly living and modelling the life we want for our children.

Our kids learn about 75% of what they learn from us by WATCHING our every move. If we want them to learn health, contentment, and connection, then we need to figure that one out and live it each day.

We need to be present to this life we are living.

What takes us away from this presence? We bet you could come up with a bunch of ideas.

We’ve posted an awesome video below just for you. The people from “In a Nutshell” have created, Everything We Think That We Know About Addiction Is Wrong.

Watching this video can enlighten you in how to prevent addiction in your children. It can also help us all to decrease our own addictions: to substances, food, sex, shopping, stuff and busyness.

In a recent article for the Chopra Centre, Tris Thorp writes about How to End the Negative Cycle of Multitasking, stating,

“The high that follows a day of successful juggling is only temporary. Multitasking produces an aggressive motivation to accomplish more so that we feel better about ourselves. The problem with this approach is that while we may get more done, the quality of our presence is diminished and the quality of our work wanes and our lives suffer.”

Bottom Line: Multitasking is about jamming our lives with “stuff to do.” This is a lot like filling our homes, rooms and closets with “stuff”. The more we focus on the stuff, the less time and energy we have to focus on the people around us and on ourselves.

Connection to ourselves and the people around us is what makes up life.

We really hope that you’ve got a couple of minutes to watch the video because it hits this ball out of the park!

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