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Our theme for 2015 is OWN IT!
Parenting Power Admin January 8, 2015 No Comments

Our theme for 2015 is OWN IT!

We’re all humans, making choices; many that we’ve never made before. SO…we are going to succeed and we are going to fail – 50:50.

Great, let’s own the success and let’s own the failure because that is where we learn and grow. As parents, we need to own it AND we need to let our kids own it as well.

The first way to own it is to cut out the excuses and that’s our focus for January. So let’s get going!

Excuses – the world is full of them.

In his children’s book, No Excuses (How What You Say Can Get In Your Way), Wayne Dyer says, “People make excuses for all kinds of things. Excuses give us a reason not to do things that seem hard or scary.”

We hear parents making excuses all the time (we do it too!)

“It’ll take too long”

“That’s just the way my kid is…”

“I don’t have the energy”

“I’m too tired to stick to my limits.”

” If I do that, she will pitch a fit/ he will explode.”

So here is our first Tough Question for 2015

Is it true?

Excuses can become such a part of our daily lives that we don’t even know they are there. They become part of our subconscious dialogue. We just start to believe them as if they are true.

Excuses can become beliefs.

If excuses are part of your regular belief system, you have likely infused your children with them as well. Kids learn what they live. If you are using excuses, your kids are too.

Excuses help us to shift blame, to give up on something that may seem tricky, to escape or avoid a lot of life and learning.

This is the year to own it and to wake up to the excuses in your life.

In his book, EXCUSES BEGONE!, Dr. Wayne Dyer has an excuse catalog. He lists 18 possible excuses we might be telling ourselves that are standing in our way.

This week: Be kind to yourself. You don’t need to make any big changes or do anything too overwhelming. This week, it is all about awareness. Create your own excuses catalog. Become aware of any time you say, “I’m not…” “I can’t…” “I’m too…”

Awareness is the first step to discovering what is holding you and your kids back. It is the first step to answering the question, “Is it true?”

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