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17SepNo Comments
Our favourite parenting shortcut
Parenting Power Admin September 17, 2015 No Comments

Our favourite parenting shortcut

The best shortcut for parenting is knowing where you stand. Don’t be afraid of getting it wrong or that someone else can do it better. Give some clear thought to the rules you want to put into place and then, talk with your kids.

You are not alone – you are not the first parent to have kids that may be testing the limits. It’s just you and 3 billion of your peers.

New year, new grade…this means new social situations. Whether your preschooler wants a play date or your teen is heading out to a party, it’s time to review or establish your family’s rules and make them known.

Let’s be clear here. This is not us telling you to negotiate with your kids. By all means, allow them choices within your limits, AND know what those limits are because if you don’t know them, there is no way that your child knows them.

Lastly, limits and consequences go together like peanut butter and jam. When you state an expectation, the next sentence needs to include the consequences – for when the kids follow expectations and for when they don’t.

When we are clear, we communicate and we follow through, our kids don’t need to test. They make choices, they learn from their consequences and feel confident and capable. Fighting doesn’t need to happen. We can stay calm because it is fair… our kids knew what was expected, knew the consequences and chose them. It might not feel fun; learning lessons isn’t always fun. And it’s a huge part of life.

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