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Kids and Money
Parenting Power Admin February 12, 2013 No Comments

Kids and Money

February means we have “money on the brain”. Either the holiday credit cards still need to be paid off or RRSP contribution questions are floating around our heads with deadlines feeling like they are looming. Is there ever a time when money is not on your mind?


We’ve written about allowance and teaching kids about money before:Making Allowance Easy

Money is, along with so many other things, something our kids learn about from us. At Parenting Power we know that kids live what they learn and learn what they live. So if you are fretting about money, they are learning it. If you are bathing in money, they learn it. If you are spending, saving, giving, hoarding, worrying…they are too.

Kids also learn the values that they live and, whether or not we acknowledge it, there are lots of values around money: abundance, greed, generosity, detachment, scarcity, the list continues.

So, if you want your kids to learn your values, to have money habits and beliefs that will set them up for success, you need to Parent with a Plan about money. What do we mean? We’ve taught thousands of parents our 5 Steps to Parent with a Plan, and we’ve got a free call that will help you Parent with a Plan about Kids and Money.

Here are some questions to get you started:

1.Awareness: What money beliefs, money habits and money values do you want your kids to have? Is this what your current life is teaching them?

2.Structure and Consistency: What expectations/limits have you set for your kids around money? Do they have an allowance? Do they know what you will buy for them and what they have to pay for?

3.Feelings: How will you respond to your kids when they freak out because

a. They don’t have the money they need to buy what they want?
b. They bought something and it didn’t turn out to be worth it?

What else can you say other than “I Told You SO?”

4.Problem-Solving and Autonomy: How can you involve your child in establishing the new money systems in your home. How do you let your kids know about the costs of things and making the decisions on what you will spend and what you won’t spend? How do they learn to manage money on their own?

5.Language of Encouragement: What are words you can use to support your kids and to share the beliefs you want to teach? How do you teach about money without doing it for them or boring them to tears?

It used to be rude to talk about money. Did your parents ever let you see a bill when you went to dinner? At Parenting Power, 2013 is the year of INTENTIONAL PARENTING. We want to help you focus your attention on supporting your children in their development.

The first step in our plan for this is offering you and other parents a free call to learn more about Parent with a Plan for Kids and Money.

This free call is scheduled for Wednesday, February 20 at 8 pm MST.. Reserve your spot here.

Can’t make it? Reserve your spot anyway and we’ll send you the recording so that you can create the space to intentionally teach your kids responsibility and independence when it comes to money, whether they are 2 or 17.

Tell your friends and join us for Parent with a Plan – Kids and Money, Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 8pm MST.

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