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How are you starting your day?
Parenting Power Admin October 13, 2016 No Comments

How are you starting your day?

It’s time to take stock: How are you starting your day?

We hear from parents who are dreading the moment that their child wakes up, never knowing if this will be a good day OR a disaster from the start. Will tomorrow morning bring the exact same argument as yesterday and the day before? Will everyone get out the door on time and ready to start the day or will there be tears and drama?

While you cannot necessarily control the behaviour of others, you can control your own behaviour and that’s why the way you start today, actually each day, is pretty important. Your outlook on today is your outlook on each year and it is ultimately your outlook on your life.

Some people believe that things will get better once they just get over the next hurdle,
“Life will be easier after Thanksgiving weekend.”

“If I can make it past the chaos of Christmas, it will be downhill from there.”

There is no question that the rough patches come and go, and learning how to cope with them builds resilience. At the same time, if our entire world is just about holding on until the next time you hold on, your fingers are going to get pretty sore.

When the beginning of your day is a routine that works, in which you are responsible for your life and attitude, and your kids are responsible for theirs (in an age-appropriate way), you are setting everyone up for success.

In his inspiring TED Talk, The Happy Secret to Better Work, Shawn Achor shares some significant findings,

“Your brain, at ‘Positive’ performs significantly better than it does at ‘Negative, neutral or stressed.’ When you feel positive, your brain is 31% more productive.”

We highly encourage you to watch Shawn’s talk as he shares the 5 practical things he has used to increase success in every company with whom he has ever worked. It is also a very funny and entertaining talk.

At Parenting Power, no matter the challenge, awareness is our first step. Once we know the starting point; what’s working and what’s not, then we can move on with a plan to get where we want to be. That’s why today, we’re asking,

Do you like how you are starting your day?

Do you feel positive about the morning routine in your life?

If not -> how will you change your outlook?
-> how can you work with your kids to build a
routine that works?


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