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How are you making time for yourself?
Parenting Power Admin April 16, 2015 No Comments

How are you making time for yourself?

When we talk about parenting, we are often focusing on the children. The truth is, parenting is about the parents and we can’t have energy to devote to our kids if we don’t look after ourselves first.

Daniel Siegel and David Rock suggest that, in addition to Sleep Time and Connecting Time, we also need the following:

Physical Time – Taking time to move and let your body be active
Focus Time – Being alone for a while to concentrate on what matters to you
Time In – Taking time for meditation, prayer or self-reflection
Time Out – Setting aside time to simply be here and rest into existence
Play Time – Time to have fun and enjoy yourself

Today we’re asking you:

How are you making time for yourself?

When we put on our parenting hats, it is pretty easy to end up wearing the Martyr hat as well. Many parents feel that from the moment they get up to the moment they go to bed, all that they do each day is for their children. There can be an element of guilt about doing something for themselves.

The truth is, spending every moment at home with your children is not really doing them any favours. In a recent article, Dave McGinn cited a University of Toronto study saying,

“In looking at children ages three to 11, researchers found that the amount of time parents spent with them had virtually no impact on their academic achievement, emotional well-being and behaviour.

While quantity appears to mean zip, quality time, such as reading with kids or having dinner with them, was linked to beneficial outcomes.”

There you have it folks; parenting is not about spending every moment with our kids. They need to figure out the down-time too. It is about spending quality time with them…and with ourselves.

When we do that, we have the energy and patience to parent the way we want to…the way they need us to. We’re also modeling self-care to our kids which is another thing that we all need to learn.

This week: Map out at least 5 minutes per day (could you take it from time spent on technology?)that you will use for Time In or Time Out, Physical Time, Focus Time or Play Time. You could do Time In on Monday, Time Out on Tuesday…etc.

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