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Getting clear about giving thanks
Parenting Power Admin October 8, 2015 No Comments

Getting clear about giving thanks

What’s important to your family at Thanksgiving?

Maybe it’s the people? A favourite poem? A special food that has to be on the table?

Asking these questions of your children my help you to discover that your kids really do feel grateful for the rituals in your family. While you’re at it get clear on Thanksgiving Day itself – what does it look like? What are you and your family expecting? When it is clear in advance, it is easier for everyone to work together to make it that way.

When do your teens need to be with you?
When can they do their own thing?
Will your preschoolers still need to nap?
Do your kids know the plan?
Will electronics be allowed at the table?
What time will everyone need to help set up?

Knowing the answers to these questions and communicating this to your family in advance can lead to a celebration for which you are truly thankful!

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