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Family Connection
Parenting Power Admin November 23, 2017

Family Connection

The fall has moved by so quickly this year. In one week, we begin what is potentially the busiest month of the year. That’s reason enough to consider #FamilyConnection.

We continue to hear from parents that they are exhausted from getting kids wherever they need to be with everything they need. Statistics tell us that kids are feeling more and more detached from their parents.

To that end, we are encouraging you to be aware of when you are connecting as a family; eye to eye and shoulder to shoulder.

It’s time to grab that family calendar and have a quick peek as to when you might all be face to face as a family. Or maybe it is that you are splitting into groups, working together. Let’s face it: there are many times when one parent takes one child to a tournament and the remaining parent and kids are headed in the opposite direction. That works!

This is really about taking a look at the schedule and planning (ahead of time) when you will connect, without a screen. Will it be a meal, a car ride or a walk around the block? Maybe it is shopping – for gifts or groceries. The what doesn’t really matter. It is the how and who that make all the difference.

Share a story of a favorite childhood vacation, or plan a new recipe you want to try. This week, it is about setting an intention to connect. It doesn’t have to be perfect (it likely won’t be). The litmus test is really, ‘Did my children know that I was spending T-I-M-E with them?’

This week, ask yourself these questions:

Is there time this week when the family will be connecting together, without screens?

Am I okay with the answer to the previous question?

What is the value of connection in our family?

What is my favourite way to connect with our family?

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