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Enjoy the moment
Parenting Power Admin July 7, 2016 No Comments

Enjoy the moment

The two of us could not believe the flyers in the paper this week, advertising back to school supplies! What’s more, those school supplies and fall clothes are already in the stores! Do they really need to be there now?

So many families have just made it through June to land with a sigh in July. Longer days, school’s out, there is time to sit and just be…


Well, we don’t have to go there, in fact, at Parenting Power, we are choosing not to go there. This is July, a time to spend NOT thinking about school, or new clothes.

This is July, a time to breathe, sit, play and relax with our kids. We don’t need to be thinking forward to everything for the fall. There is plenty of time for that to happen.

How will you be present in July?

We encourage you to decide to focus your July days on July. Talk with your family about what’s happening now. Get outside with your kids, read books together, play games, tell stories, cook something new.

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