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Do you know what you have?
Parenting Power Admin December 4, 2014 No Comments

Do you know what you have?

This month, we are focusing on gratitude. So many parents ask us how they can teach their kids about gratitude. The reality is, our kids learn what they live. If we want them to know gratitude, we need to model it.

During December, there is a lot of focus on giving and also a lot of focus on buying. With this in mind, we were inspired by the following quote:

“If we do not show gratitude for what we already have,
what makes us think we’d be happy with more.”

Our tough question this week is:

Do you see what you have?

So many of us have acquired or received wonderful things over our lifetimes. Many of us have homes, vehicles, good clothing, food to eat and water to drink. We have computers and technological devices, along with good books, art, and many other things.

Things are definitely not all there is, yet we’ll focus on the things right now because sometimes, they are so much a part of the normal that they fade into the background.

If we do not show gratitude for what we have, what makes us think we would be happy with more?

This week, take some time to show gratitude for what you have – perhaps every time you turn on running water, or a light. Maybe when you jump in the car instead of walking, or breathe fresh cold air, rather than polluted smog. Notice these things out loud so that your kids start to be aware of them as well. This is gratitude; taking the time to notice…taking the time to see what you have.

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