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Developing resilient teens
Parenting Power Admin September 20, 2016 No Comments

Developing resilient teens

As you know, at Parenting Power, we are passionate about supporting teens. This generation of teens has the digital world at their fingertips, and are pioneering new ways to live with technology every day.

Yet in a time when we can be so connected, many teens today feel so alone in their struggle with anxiety (even the teens who, on the outside, are very “successful”). Teens are reporting higher rates of anxiety each year, which is not surprising when we hear how teens feel overwhelmed by the amount of information at their disposal, compare themselves to countless others on social media, and feel like everything has already been said and done. All of these pressures ON TOP OF the usual ups and downs of being a teenager requires all of us to think differently about how we support teens today.

Over the summer Gail and I met Deanne Barrett, a high school teacher who is committed to connecting teens with their own strengths and purpose. Parenting Power is just one of a phenomenal team of experts who are speaking to TEENS and PARENTS through a FREE online video summit called LIT FROM WITHIN: Connecting teens to their own inner resources for success in school AND life.

After watching this summit, teens and their parents will be able to start facing school challenges by connecting to their own confidence and resilience (a skill that will serve them FOR LIFE!).

Check out the lineup of experts HERE

If you are a TEEN or the PARENT of a teen, ask yourself these questions:

• How can we identify what is really causing the anxiety in the teens we love?

• How can teens learn from their failure and develop resilience?

• Is it possible for teens and parents let go of worrying about what to do after high school?

• How can teens and parents stay connected as teens gain more independence?

Imagine being able to tap into the WISDOM and STRATEGIES from doctors, technology researchers, life coaches, motivational speakers, meditation teachers, and many more FOR FREE! This video summit was created with you in mind; each 10 minute expert video is laser-focused on one specific topic so you can access the resources YOU need.

We know there is lots of ADVICE coming your way. We’d like to offer you the STRATEGIES and PRACTICAL WISDOM from experts who have spent their career working with teens to help you connect in with the resources YOU need to THRIVE.

Join us in thinking differently about how we support teens today. Click HERE to gain complimentary access to these incredible experts

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