A Year of Intentional Parenting
52 weekly vignettes gleaned from our work guiding parents in finding their right way to parent.

By Julie Freedman-Smith and Gail Bell.

There is more than one way to parent, we help you find yours.

You'll learn:

  • Ten things that your kids need from you this year...and every year!
  • Real life parenting tools to use to stop yelling at your kids, to maintain your patience, to survive spring break, etc.
  • One practical tip per week, for improving communication with your kids, smoothing out persistent conflicts and acting intentionally.
  • Tips for keeping your sanity (such as it is,) dealing with homework, grandparents, your friend's kids and tantrums.
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  • The highest compliment I can give is that I have bought this important book for both of my daughters who are parents.  Julie and Gail's real-life approach simplifies the parenting journey. You'll want to turn to this book again and again.”

    Barbara Coloroso

    Author of "Kids Are Worth It!"
  • A Year of Intentional Parenting is a year of insights, wisdoms and confidence building from two of the best parenting experts I've been lucky enough to know."

    Dave Kelly

    Dad, TV Host, Author, Producer, Kelly Brothers Productions
  • I value my experience as I read
    your written words. Great CONCRETE, step-by-step, spell it out for me, approach!
    I am so looking forward to reading more and purchasing copies
    for my friends."

    Carie Lee Watters

    Owner, Springbank Cheese Company, Parent to two children.
  • This book is super easy to read, broken down into bite-sized morsels of about two pages per issue. I encourage every caregiver to pick up this book because it HELPS."

    Jody Robbins

    Blogger, Travels with Baggage - jodyrobbins.com
  • The back cover of this book points out that there are days when you "love - but don't LIKE - your kids." OMG BOOK YOU GET ME. The best part is that their suggestions for improvement are actually manageable.

    Katie Edwards

    Proffesional Librarian,
    Book Reviewer - Brassknucklebooks.com

Gail Bell and Julie Freedman-Smith

About the Authors

As educators, parenting coaches and parents themselves, authors, Julie Freedman-Smith and Gail Bell deeply understand the day to day challenges of parenting.

In 2002 they founded Parenting Power to provide empathetic, non-judgemental support and practical skills to other parents facing similar struggles. You have seen them as parenting experts on City Tv's Breakfast Television,  and Calgary's CTV Noon Show. You hear them on CBC Radio's Alberta@Noon and The Homestretch and you read their blogs in the Calgary Herald, MumRX.com and SavvyMom.ca.

In A Year of Intentional Parenting, Julie and Gail give busy parents one practical tip per week for improving commuination with their kids, smoothing out persistent conflicts and acting intentionally. Full of straightforward, sometimes poignant, and often humourous advice, this collection will prove invaluable for parents who want to work through the trials of modern parenting with loving kindness and fun.