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Create your best Family Day!
Parenting Power Admin February 14, 2018

Create your best Family Day!

Get ready to for your best Family Day yet!

It’s right around the corner! #NoPhoneFamilyDay is next Monday.

3 Things to Remember:

1. It’s not all or nothing

Does putting down the phone for the whole day seem inconceivable?

No problem! As a family, decide on a time that makes sense. Maybe it is most of the day. Maybe it is a couple of hours to go for a walk or bake cookies or build a fort and play board games. Figure out what works for you. It is not all or nothing.

2. It doesn’t have to be perfect

There’s a good chance that someone is going to be in a bad mood or at some point, all this togetherness might not go perfectly. That’s okay too. It’s going through the tough stuff that builds resilience; individually and as a family.

Connection does not equal perfection. It does mean that our kids know we are there for them through good and through bad. We solve problems together, as a family.

3. Go check out Nophonefamilyday.com

There are lots of suggestions of activities AND we’ve got a great contest going on for the month of March with some fantastic prizes from our sponsors.

Between now and Monday, tweet, post, talk and sing about #Nophonefamilyday with your friends and let’s spread the word!

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