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Consistent Time4Family
Parenting Power Admin January 18, 2018

Consistent Time4Family

One of the best places to begin practicing consistency is in the use of our time.

Time can feel like it is moving so quickly when we are not aware of how we spend it. There are 4 different and important kinds of time that require our focus. When we are consistent with these times as a family, we set ourselves up for success each week. #Time4Family

Sleep time

We know that children and parents are getting less sleep than ever. What’s the solution, we’ve listed age-related sleep times here. Nowhere close? Start making the move to change it for the better. One of our favourite tools is to set a sleep alarm; that’s right – an alarm to remind you when to go to bed rather than to get out of bed.

Play time

This isn’t a scheduled practice, but rather time to play together as a family. It might be skiing, hiking or swimming together. Maybe it is playing a board game or cards or even going bowling. Get clear about how often each week (or month) your family will have play time and then keep it consistent.

Connect time (no screens)

Eating dinner, making dinner, hanging out at the kitchen counter, talking about the day; these are all forms of Connect time. They need to happen frequently, so get clear about when the screens will be down and the eyes will be up. Doing this consistently builds ritual and a sense of something greater than self.

Quiet time

Everyone needs a bit of time alone, without a screen. This allows for creativity and solitude. Many parents are great at building this into the day for toddlers and preschoolers. We can all benefit from consistent quiet time.

None of these categories of time need to be a lot of time, but all necessary for a full, happy life. They each give us something very important. As a family we have the choice to make it happen. And… it needs to be CONSISTENT. Start small, schedule it in your family calendar and stay consistent.

This week, ask yourself these questions:

Are the members of our family getting the sleep they need?

What small and realistic changes will we make to get closer and closer to the ideal sleep requirement numbers?

How much play time do I want us to be spending together as a family each month?

How will we set a consistent Connect Time and Quiet Time for the members of our family?

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