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One challenge in parenting is finding the time to make a change. Between school, sports, music, homework, making dinner, or working full-time, the patience, time and energy required to address specific issues with your child can be minimal, postponed or nonexistent. As issues arise on a daily basis, the need for ongoing parenting support should not be overlooked.

As a result of this, eleven years ago Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell started offering individual coaching for parents and caregivers in a format convenient for busy households – over the telephone. It’s been a proven method of success for Parenting Power by nature of its convenience and flexibility.

Call (403-281-2524) or email admin@parentingpower.ca to purchase your coaching and book your first appointment!

Phone Coaching*

Do you have a couple of quick questions?
Then, the Parenting Power Hour Strategy Session is perfect for you!
– The perfect solution for a specific parenting challenge.
– You outline the problem for us in advance and we share the tools and language to set your family up for success!
– In person and phone sessions are available for purchase in 60 minute increments.

Phone sessions = $197 (Members = $158)
In person sessions = $250 (Members = $200)

Please note: You are purchasing a bank of coaching time. The time does not expire and is tracked on our system. Time will be deducted for phone coaching, answering email questions and for travel that exceeds 15 minutes to and from your home.

Are you looking for someone to help you make the changes you know you need to make?

The Family First Coaching System will help build a strong foundation for your family.
– This successful system works because of your commitment to focus directly on your family during 10 coaching sessions; building and reinforcing strong, new habits.
– This coaching is customized to your family and can be done via telephone and email communication.

Investment = $1997 (can be paid in 3 monthly instalments of $670)
Members = $1597 (can be paid in 3 monthly instalments of $534)

Is this Family First Coaching System right for you?

> Are you ready to take on the responsibility of parenting?
> Are you ready to establish clear guidelines?
> Are you ready to establish consequences for your child’s behaviour?
> Are you ready to follow through with the consequences your child chooses in order to support growth and learning?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, you are READY to START OUR SYSTEM! This successful system works because of YOUR COMMITMENT to FOCUS directly on your family during 10 coaching sessions; building and reinforcing strong new habits.

We believe in what we do, as do our hundreds of satisfied clients! That’s why we are prepared to offer you our “GET THE JOB DONE” GUARANTEE! If you can prove that you have done the work and things in your family aren’t improving, we will refund your money. NO WORK = NO REFUND. We believe in working with people who want to effect change. We help you do it!

The Family First Coaching System includes:
> Renewed confidence in your parenting
> Feeling capable to manage daily parenting challenges
> Calm in your interactions with your family
> 10 1:1 phone sessions with Julie or Gail
> A copy of our book, “A Year of Intentional Parenting”
> Family First Workbook
> Real Life Parenting Tools – customized to your family
> Strategies to support your child(red) in developing strong roots, leading to an ability to stand firm as an adult
> Homework to be completed during the week.

Once a client, always a client! Should you need to get in touch with Julie or Gail after your initial session, they are available for quick “top up” sessions! Contact us for more information!

To access member pricing, purchase membership here.

***Coaching can be used in smaller increments, as needed.

* GST is not included in prices above and is additional.

There is no expiry date on coaching minutes.

24 hours notice is required to cancel or change an appointment. If less than 24 hours notice is given, the client will be billed for the appointment.

Should we find it necessary, Julie or Gail will discuss the situations of a client with each other. We will not discuss, without direct consent, the situations of a client with others outside of Parenting Power. There are two exceptions where we must report information.

1. If we suspect that a child is or may be in need of protection.

2. If someone declares a plan to harm him/herself or another adult.