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Check out our first book!

Looking for a way to stay intentional? Our new book includes 52 real-life parenting tools – one for every week of the year! Barbara Coloroso calls it an “Important book you will turn to again and again.”

This book will make a great gift for your friends and will look great on your bedside table; even better in your hands! Get yours here.

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You don’t have to take our word for it! Read online reviews of our books here:

“This book is super easy to read, broken down into bite-sized morsels of about two pages per issue. I encourage every caregiver to pick up this book because it HELPS.”
~ Jody Robbins, Blogger, Travels with Baggage – jodyrobbins.com

“The back cover of this book points out that there are days when you “love – but don’t LIKE – your kids.” OMG BOOK YOU GET ME. The best part is that their suggestions for improvement are actually manageable.”
~ Katie Edwards, Professional Librarian, Book Reviewer – Brassknucklebooks.com

“As both a parent and a teacher, one of the things I really appreciate about this book is the premise that children are intelligent, capable and resilient. It operates from the position that we as adults need to meet our children where they are at, instead of expecting them to be little adults.” (For full review, please check out the online review)
~ Faye Holt, Dayhome Registry



Buy these eBooks to find the right school for your child. Each includes a list of questions for you to ask the schools you are considering.

Finding and Choosing the Right Preschool
Finding and Choosing the Right School

Parenting With a Plan Handbook

Parenting with a Plan HandbookWe developed this book as a companion to our 5-week Parenting with a Plan course (and the Home Study version as well). Many parents use it as a stand alone method of working through the 5 Steps to Parenting with a Plan. The handouts and worksheets will help you to set up a plan for your parenting.
Purchase the handbook here.

Books Parenting Power Loves

We LOVE books! Why? Because using books with our kids means that we are reading and teaching at the same time. If we’ve told you to buy a book, you’ll find it here. Click here to see our recommendations.