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Parenting Power Admin February 9, 2017 No Comments


Many years ago, we created our signature program: Parenting with a Plan. In it, we built 5 steps to help parents tackle any parenting challenge that they face. The very first step in Parenting with a Plan is Awareness.


Awareness means taking stock of what is really important, where things stand right now and what we want. Before we can have power (the ability to effect change,) we need to know if we even want things to change and how we want them to look when they change.

Through these Thoughtful Thursday Emails, (and in fact, through our company’s existance,) our goal is to bring awareness to what is happening in your family today.

We hope that as we increase your awareness, you will take responsibility to discover if and how you want things to change. It is all up to you. We’ve said it for 15 years now…There is a Solution for Every Family

Today’s awareness focuses on research and knowledge brought to us by Technology Experts. We came across a valuable article by Minda Zetlin: 4 Inspiring TED Talks That Will Help You (Finally) Spend Less Time On Facebook.

It is not to say that Facebook is the only culprit, it isn’t – but it makes for a catchy title.

Of course, telling you to watch 4 TED talks isn’t exactly encouraging anyone to get off of screens is it? That said, these videos are each very different and also, we found them very helpful.

We have linked to one of the TED talks at the end of this post. Tristan Harris shares some thoughtful reflections about his (and in turn the popular) relationship with technology. He talks about the pervasive “All or nothing relationship with technology: One is either on technology or scared that one is missing out on something.”

Tristan goes on to remind us that with technology, as in every part of our daily lives, we always have a choice. We can choose how we spend every minute of our time. We have that power.

As we are one step closer to #NoPhoneFamilyDay on February 20, 2017, we encourage you to get clearer about the choice around connecting with family and how the family is spending time on electronics.

This week, ask yourself these questions:

Do you want to make any changes about how you spend your technology time?

Where would you like to focus your priorities?

What boundaries do you need to put in place to keep technology away from you when you are focusing on those priorities?

How can you assure yourself that you won’t miss out because you will stay as in touch as you need to be?

Check out the following video (or all 4 mentioned in the article.)

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