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Are you too tired to parent?
Parenting Power Admin May 5, 2016 No Comments

Are you too tired to parent?

This month, we are getting clear about our Top 5 Excuses – these are the ones we hear most from parents and kids when we are working with families or giving presentations. Excuses are everywhere. They provide a reason to not try. If one doesn’t try, one doesn’t need to deal with the discomfort of failure (and the learning of resilience). If one doesn’t try, one also sacrifices the glory of accomplishment. Many are willing to accept that sacrifice.

When we work with families and suggest strategies that will increase consistency and simplicity in their homes, we often here, “That sounds great but I’m so tired. Where will I find the energy? I’m too tired to try.”

Arguing with kids, dealing with disappointment and disrespect, doing everything for kids…all of these things can feel tiring. If you hear yourself saying, “I’m too tired…” it is a great cue for you to consider the following.

What is making you tired?

Are you sleepy-tired or exhausted-tired?

Are you simply tired of arguing?

If sleepy, how will you make a plan to increase your nightly sleep?

If exhausted, what one task will you teach your child (or do with your child) so that you can decrease your task load?

If you are tired of arguing, when is the next available date for a family meeting (or a lunch/dinner with your co-parent to clarify boundaries prior to a family meeting?)

Finding the courage to answer some of these questions will guide you to the first steps to feeling less tired and focusing on a solution to the problem rather than settling for a situation that feels like it has little hope.

***Your added bonus***
When you make a choice to replace the “I’m Tired” excuse with actions and words that model responsibility, your kids learn how to do that as well.

That’s parenting!


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