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Allow boredom – you don’t have to entertain your kids
Parenting Power Admin July 7, 2014 No Comments

Allow boredom – you don’t have to entertain your kids

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard, “I’m Bored, ” this summer. Many parents feel a lot of pressure to entertain kids, especially over the summer months. That is not necessary!

Allow your children to be bored this summer; it is an opportunity for them to turn in and away from social peers and pressure. Limit screen time as a solution to boredom. Allowing kids nothing time might just provide them with an opportunity to learn who they are, what they are actually truly interested in, that they like spending time with themselves, that they are capable of figuring out something to do, how much time is in a day and how we choose to use it.

Boredom Tools:

For the kids
1. Before they get bored, create a What Can I Do List. Make a list of books to read, games to play, craft projects to create, stories to write, pictures to be drawn, puzzles or word problems to solve, friends with whom to play (phone numbers too).
(These can take place in a tent in the backyard or in a fort in the family room.)

2. If they aren’t in the habit of independent play, teach them. Start them out for a small stretch of time and then work their way up.

For parents
1. Plan a respectful response to the dreaded, “I’M BORED!” [Whining back, “If you’re bored with all of these toys around, I’m going to start throwing them away!” doesn’t really help.]

“You may continue to be bored or you can find something to do from your list. I have faith that you will make the right decision for you.”

“Perhaps your body and mind need some quiet time – why don’t you check your What Can I Do List?”

2. Often I’m bored means, “I need to be with you.” Acknowledge feelings and teach them to ask for some time with you instead of whining about being bored.

Lastly, kids need time on their own. They also want time with Mum and Dad. When you do have time to play with them, be present – put devices aside and focus in on your kids.

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