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A silent start
Parenting Power Admin July 28, 2016 No Comments

A silent start

We hope that you’ve been enjoying the “lazy days of summer;” that you’ve made July a bit more restful than the rest of the year.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that, just as the principal sets the tone of a school, the teacher sets the tone of a classroom, the conductor sets the tone of a choir, and the coach sets the tone of the team; the parents set the tone of a family. If we want a family that is confident, capable and calm, it’s the parents that set the stage.

That’s why today, we’re focusing on creating a some silence in the start of your day. Summer is the perfect time to carve out a little quiet and begin a habit that can spill over into the busier times of the year.

In our July Membership Recording, we talk about how to spend quiet time with your kids. You can access that recording here. The final track of the recording talks about getting quiet for just a few minutes every morning.

Taking the time to sit or stand quietly, close your eyes and just breathe can make a huge difference to the rest of your day. Many people tell themselves that they will start meditating as soon as they read a few books, watch some videos and learn how. Those are all great excuses to avoid meditating. The reality is, you just need to create a tiny space in your life and breathe.

Consider taking 5 minutes each morning for your silent start. It won’t be silent on the inside (likely there will be a fair bit of mental chatter). If you can’t find 5 minutes, you might want to find one minute.

In the brief video that accompanies this article: Here’s how you can meditate anytime, anywhere, Tibetan Master, Mingyur Rinpoche give a very entertaining explanation of how you can meditate while getting a coffee or doing anything in your day.

Get a silent start to your day, and see how it shifts the way you move through the rest of the day, and whether it has an effect on the family.

Enjoy the rest of July!

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