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A Fresh Start for September
Parenting Power Admin September 3, 2015 No Comments

A Fresh Start for September

September’s New Beginnings

Do you know what the word September means?

Do you know why it is so significant that those of us with kids restart our lives each September?

Neither do we.

What we do know, Parenting is this:

Kids are capable and parents are too.

We’re changing Thursdays up a bit; sharing brief tools that help everyone feel confident, capable and calm.

This week’s tool is simple:

Take a look at what’s coming and start talking about it. Find the courage to look the future in the eye and put it into words. Talk with your co-parent, your friend or your own parents and once you know where you stand (what your values tell you,) talk with your kids. Let them know how you feel.

Just talk.


Helicopter parenting is a pretty widely-understood phenomenon. Nowadays, we are seeing a move to “Curling Parenting.” This has equally detrimental effects on kids and occurs when parents run ahead and sweep the path for their kids smoothing away all hardships. Neither Curling nor Helicopter win our applause. We hope that you enjoy this fabulous info-graphic by the folks at Yellowbrick.

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