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2018 Consistency
Parenting Power Admin January 11, 2018 No Comments

2018 Consistency

Our theme for 2018 is Consistency. For the past 16 years, we’ve been telling you that when it comes to parenting,

“Consistency is the Key!”

And it’s not just parenting. When it comes to healthy eating, healthy exercise, healthy sleep and beyond, consistency pays off. Canadian leadership expert, Robin Sharma says,

“Consistency is the mother of mastery. What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.”

Why does it matter so much in parenting?

Kids are like little scientists. They are constantly testing to see how we respond. If we say one thing and do another, they learn that our words and actions don’t mesh; and that they don’t have to listen to us.

When our words and our actions are consistent with each other, kids learn that we mean what we say; they can trust us. When our actions are consistent time over time, kids learn that they don’t have to test. They learn that they have a strong foundation at home – they know they can rely on their parents. That gives them courage to step out into the world, knowing that they can count on us.

Kids also learn when parents consistently let them down. They know that they don’t have an adult upon whom they can rely and they’ll look for someone who won’t let them down.

At Parenting Power, 2018 is about supporting each other in the consistent choices we make as families. We know that there is more than one right way to parent and we won’t all be making the same choices when it comes to sleeping, eating, discipline, etc. We will support the members of our Parenting Power community in making consistent, intentional choices aligning with your family’s values as we all continue to raise kids who are confident, capable and calm.

This week, ask yourself these questions:

Are my words and actions consistent?

Where do I do a great job of being consistent as a parent?

Are there areas in which I can better support our family by increasing my consistency?

Julie’s visit on Breakfast Television to help parents with consistency in parenting for 2018.

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